Hi Tumblr! If you turn your attention to the above photoset, you will see pictures of my boyfriend Jacob and I, who have been together in a long-distance relationship for nearly half a year now. Jacob lives in California, while I live in Virginia. We fall asleep together over FaceTime nearly every night, and pay each other visits every few months, y’know long-distance-y stuff. We are incredibly happy together.

Jacob and I both have so much in common, mostly including our mutual dream of being filmmakers. He and I are both applying to LA Film School. Only issue is that I live in Virginia, don’t have a job or all that much money yet, and would need a way to help fund this move across the country/act as a safety net until I can find work. 

So to help raise the funds in my time of unemployment, I have set up a donation page on GoFundMe to help raise some funds. The goal right now is $1,000, and I am promising a 24 hour long livestream (during which I will take requests, play games, answer questions, do challenges, etc. and I will be promoing people on my blog if we can meet/surpass this goal. You can donate any amount you like, and while donations are encouraged and appreciated, please do not feel obligated in anyway to donate.

You can click here to be taken to the GoFundMe page. Also please help spread the word by reblogging this post, and perhaps even sharing the link on other social media!

Thank you so much for your time, and please, if you can, help us make this dream a reality.